Our Method

Philosophy for English fluency

The best blending learning system for kids and adults.

The AXON Power Learn System unites traditional teaching methods with the magic of new technology. It consists of different levels aligned to the globally recognised Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR). Yet it differs radically from anything that is available on the market because it can be fully adapted to the individual needs of each student.

AXON Power Learn is a unique, flexible, blended learning system, where learn-ers are closely supported and encouraged.

Its adaptive mixture of learning modes and approaches enables everyone to succeed, regardless of his learning preferences and previous experience with the language.

Our Materials

Exclusively designed for Axon, with modern content and intriguing texts.
Our book series cover all ages, from kids to adults and from beginners
to advanced. They have been officially accredited by the UK Awarding Organisation, NOCN, for compliance with the CEFR.

Innovative e-courses, especially designed for Axon, as a part of our blended learning methodology. Ideal for kids and adults, for General and Business English as well as preparation for globally recognized certificates.

INGLISH”: The Modern English!
Where learning meets fun! ‘Inglish’ is an AXON innovation designed specifically for our very young and young learners as a supplementary educational tool.
It is an experiential way to learn English with the use of authentic material
(film extracts, songs, sportscasting, etc) in order to improve communication skills and also to entertain.

Teacher’s material
Teacher’s book, lesson plan, supplementary material to support teaching process.

One global standard (CEFR)

AΧΟΝ Power Learn course levels and placement tests are aligned to the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CE-FR), which is the most widely used and recognized language proficiency scale in the world.

AXON Power Learn is a complete English language training solution, comprising a placement test, self-paced online study, midterm and final tests, active coaching, live communication skills training, all based on the CEFR proficiency scale.

The CEFR is made of six precisely defined competence levels ranging from basic user to near native speaker level. Using the CEFR proficien-cy scale, assessments are easily interpreted to determine language qualifications.guage.

The Common European Framework comprehensively describes

/ the competencies necessary for communication
/ the related knowledge and skills
/ the situations and domains of communication

The framework is of particular interest to multinational organizations as well as for course designers – in fact, to all those involved in corporate language teaching and testing.               It facilitates a clear definition of teaching and learning objectives and methods, and provides the necessary tools for assessment of proficiency.

The Learning Cycle

e-learning program

Live instruction


“Inglish” program

Interactive class material

AXON GLOBAL learning process

Placement test

Needs analysis

Program recommendation

Progress report

Final test Certificate

Next level

The course structure

AXON GLOBAL offers a learning method that guarantees the completion of each course successfully.
The AXON GLOBAL method ensures a steady way of progressing, covering every aspect of language learning and consolidating all acquired knowledge. Hence, all learning levels are covered in full and
the student acquires the language naturally without gaps. So passing from one level to the next comes naturally to all AXON students.

All new AXON students that have some previous knowledge of the language will start with an initial placement test level that will assess their level of comprehension, writing and use of language skills
and guide them directly to the appropriate level.

The AXON GLOBAL programme is divided into levels and each level is composed of one or two courses depending on the case, following he Common

European Framework of Reference for
Languages (CEFR). The CEFR describes language ability on a scale of levels from A1 for beginners up to C2 for those who have mastered a language.

This makes it easy for anyone to see the different levels of knowledge.

It also means that employers and educational institutions can easily recognise language competence and qualifications and see how they relate to exams they already know in their own country. The scheme proposed in the CEFR and adopted in the AXON GLOBAL curriculum divides students into three broad levels: Basic User: A1 and A2, Independent User: B1 and B2, Proficient User: C1 and C2.


Axon Levels CFFR
True Beginners
A1.a A1.b A1/ Breakthrough: A basic ability to communicate and exchange information in a simple way
A2.a A2.b A2/ Waystage: The ability to deal with simple, straightforward information and begin to express oneself in familar contexts
B1 B1/ Threshold: the ability to express oneself in a limited way in familiar situations and to deal in a general way with nonroutine information
B2 B2/ Vantage: The capacity to achieve most goals and express oneself on a range of topics
C1/ Effective Operational Proficiency: The ability to communicate at an advanced level with the emphasis on how well it is done, in terms od appropriacy, sensitivy and the capacity to deal with unfamiliar topics
C2 C2/ Mastery: The capacity to deal with material which is academic or cognitively demanding and in some respects more advanced than that of an average native speaker

English for adults

A globally innovative blended learning system

Language learning knows no bounds!

Learning a foreign language is by no means limited to young learners.
Nowadays any professional should possess the knowledge of at least
the English language in order to have a successful career.

Just for Adult learners

With teaching material and methodology in English specifically designed for the needs of adult learners, AXON offers General, Business and Communication English courses.

True Beginner Level

  • _A globally innovative online interactive programme especially designed for adults with zero knowledge of the English language and who do not even possess knowledge of the Latin alphabet. The bilingual educational material and online environment adapted to the student’s native language, ensures an easy start and effective learning.
  • _Crash courses
  • _Quick catching up and fast tuition with visible results after just one month of lessons
  • _English for specific Purposes
  • _Specially designed programmes, tailor made to satisfy the needs of Professionals: Banking, General Business, Hospitality, Secretarial, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Advertising
  • _Flexible adult courses
  • _Custom made courses for working people with no fixed timetable
  • _Small groups of 2-9 Students
  • _Groups start all year round and they consist of students of same level and age, focusing on personalized teaching.
  • _Expert teaching personnel
  • _All AXON teachers are university degree holders with experience in teaching adults. They are trained by the AXON Teacher training centre, through webinars and teleconference and are guided into using the most up to date pedagogical methods.
  • _Advanced Pedagogical Methods
  • _Use of multimedia, interactive material, video viewing & videotaping sessions and continuous assessment combined with our supplementary educational material specifically designed for adult learners and e-learning.
  • _Interactive version of the AXON teaching material
  • _An electronic version of teaching material that allows the AXON student to be actively involved in the teaching process in the classroom.
  • _Multimedia Programme Online
  • _On line teaching material that allows self studying and blended learning that maximizes the effectiveness of the AXON teaching method.
  • _Online Testing
  • _On-line Mid term and Final Tests with the AXON test card, on our platform, that allow accurate assessment of the student’s progress at various stages of the teaching process.
  • _Quality control and Assessment: Online student card for every teaching hour which includes presences, absences, progress, consolidation, material taught and comments Extra tests and Mock tests for exam levels Monthly Progress Report


Blended preparation programmes for the globally recognized IELTS, IGCSE & C1 certificates

Who takes the C1 Test?

• People who are preparing to enter the workforce
• Individuals who want to measure their speaking and writing skills in English
• People who use English in workplace settings such as offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, international meetings, conventions and sports events

Who takes the IGCSE Test?

Most people who take the IGCSE test are planning to study at colleges and universities where instruction is in English

Who takes the IELTS Test?

IELTS is recognised as a secure, valid and reliable indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation.

Programme advantages:

True Beginner Level

The student revises the basic structure of the language through the BI+ level material

He fills his knowledge gaps

He has the option of getting the help of a qualified teacher

He can study with the online interactive book

He drastically decreases his tuition costst

Only AXON can offer programmes which
include revision and test preparation

The programmes include:

Access code for the online programme of B1+ level

Online interactive book for B1 level

Online progress tests

Online final test

Preparation exercises

Examination tips

TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS practice tests

The programmes are online and they can be combined with lessons
• Via teleconference
• Individual one to one
• In group

AXON supports your child’s success

AXON offers several options for a child to learn English. All are taught by highly trained, native or fluent speakers who are experienced with and enjoy teaching children. Programmes group children of similar ages, who learn while playing and participating in other activities.

Small groups of 4-9 Students
Groups consist of students of same level focusing on personalized teaching.

Qualified teachers
All academic personnel are trained by the AXON Teacher training centre, through webinars and teleconference
and are guided into using the most up to date pedagogical methods.

Guaranteed educational Quality Control

Constant research and improvement
There is constant monitoring and continuous updating of our programme to incorporate all the developments in the Pedagogical field and in particular in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Advanced Pedagogical Methods
Our courses include use of multimedia, interactive material, video viewing & videotaping sessions and continuous assessment combined with our supplementary educational material and e-learning programme.

INGLISH: The Modern English!
Where learning meets fun! ‘Inglish’ is an AXON innovation designed specifically for our very young and young learners as a supplementary educational tool. It is an experiential way to learn English with the use of authentic material
(film extracts, songs, sportscasting, etc) in order to improve communicative skills and also to entertain.

Summer Courses

AXON Global in cooperation with the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus), organizes English summer courses at the UCLAN Cyprus Campus, for kids aged 8 years and above, teenagers and adults for all English language levels, business English and preparation for globally recognized certificates.

Corporate Solutions

Our aim your satisfaction

Specialized blended programmes via teleconference

AXON offers specialized blended learning solutions for businesses who want their employees to learn English in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

As every individual is unique we can develop a programme that best fits your needs.

Lessons can be delivered:

  • At your offices
  • Via teleconference or virtual classes
  • At an AXON center
  • Through e-learning
  • A combination of the above

Your employees can start their training whenever it best fits your schedule, when you are ready, whenever it is more convenient to you.

Since training your employees is a serious investment, you should have the ability to check your return on investment. That is why every month we provide you with a report that shows each employee’s progress and performance. We assure you that our constant guidance and support to your employees will bring you the expected results.

Programmes we offer to companies...

All the programmes we offer aim to enhance your employees’ abilities and skills. Therefore every programme is adapted to your needs and goals.

Checking your employees’ progress...

We provide you with a unique password which provides you with access to our AXON Power Learn administration platform. There you can check each employee’s progress, attendance and performance.

Placement test...

In order to determine the programme that best fits your needs, we check your employees’ current level of knowledge, based on an placement test, free of cost.

Groups of employees of same level and company...

As mixed ability groups are less effective, our groups consist of employees of same level and of the same company, in order to ensure the education is adapted to their exact needs and is neither too advanced nor too slow.

Finding the appropriate programme for your employees...

With our placement test, which examines grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading, we can understand each employee’s educational needs and we work with you to set the goal for each participant and establish the right course programme.

Accreditation & Our Guarantee

Our competitive advantage

Syllabus accredited by the UK Awarding Organisation NOCN
The AXON courses and curriculum have been formally approved by the UK Awarding Organisation NOCN. The AXON English courses are accurately aligned to the English language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

AXON Certificates
Axon is the only Company whose certificates
(AXON Certificates B2, C1, C2) are accepted as a proof of language proficiency by Universities worldwide and hence no other language certification (IELTS, IGCSE etc) is required. The University of Central Lancashire Cyprus Campus and other Universities in the UK, Germany, France, the US, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Greece, accept the AXON Certificates as an English Language Qualification for the admission of prospective students..

Our guarantee
AXON guarantees the efficiency of its educational system and provided students follow the AXON study method and agreed study plan, we guarantee their English language learning success.