The Market

A global language, a global market

With over 1.5 billion English speakers in the world today, English is, without doubt, the prevailing language in international relations, and people in both advanced and developing countries are fully aware that they will have limited professional or personal development unless they speak English.

With 4.5 billion non English speakers, it is obvious that there is a huge market to exploit. According to British Council estimates, the number of people who will be learning English is expected to increase to over 2 billion.

Product Overview

Our global advantage

With the student at the centre of the learning experience!


Axon offers language courses for all ages and levels:
• Juniors (from 5 years old)
• Kids (6-10 years old)
• Teens( 10-15 years old)
• Students, Adults, Professionals as well as custom made programmes for businesses.
The learning experience combines live instruction, using advanced teaching methods, with e-learning (blended programmes). Each student is placed into the appropriate level based on an initial evaluation test. The learning material is designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) and has been officially accredited by the UK Awarding Organisation NOCN.

Axon prepares students for the internationally recognised certificates IELTS, IGCSE, C1.

As the programmes are made to fit each student’s needs, the education of studies varies according to each student’s needs and goals. Axon has its own on line platform in which:
students sit exams using the axon member card the prospective teachers are evaluated through an on line teacher evaluation test the businessman, the educational and administrative personnel can attend on line seminars, regarding the management and everyday operation of the centre. Seminars can also be given through teleconference.

Axon innovations include:
The “Inglish” method; the modern, experiential corporative method of learning foreign languages is enriched with the “Inglish” method, the fun way to learn English trough karaoke, sportscasting, hollywood movies and safe internet projects.

Licensee support

You are not alone

Your success is our success!

Our goal is simple. We want you to successfully grow your business.Our experienced, well trained and dedicated team will guide you all the way, offering you continual educational and administrative support.The support we offer to our licensees includes the following:

Businessman Trainin

  • organisation and function of the branch
  • academic personnel management
  • communication seminar
  • sales seminar

Teacher Hiring and Trainin

  • online teacher evaluation test
  • online teacher seminars
  • organisation of the educational procedure
  • director of studies seminars

Administrative Personnel Trainin

  • seminars for secretaries and educational consultants
  • sales and educational services seminars
  • communication seminar

Continual Support


  • online administrative personnel seminars
  • online teacher seminars
  • educational and administrative manuals
  • supervision by central administration consultants

Licensing Opportunities

AXON licensed schools + Owned schools
Entry Fee
Advertising Fees

With the licensing opportunities offered by AXON GLOBAL, everyone can join our global educational network. We offer a well planned and organized licensing system which is based on three elements:




Operates with centers of 150 square meters or more
Provides services in that area and sells the educational material
Has a 15-year franchise contract with the country M. Licensee
Licensee royalties free



1) Will the AXON license be successful in my area?

Almost all new partners ask us this question. English has become the lingua franca of our times. The number of English learners (children, teenagers and adults) around the world is constantly rising, which results in an everincreasing demand for English language learning services. However, the number of those who don’t speak English yet remains extremely high: it amounts to 4.5 billion, according to reliable estimates. This means that in every country, city and area there is a huge market to exploit. Axon, being firmly established in many countries worldwide, with over 200 centres and many years of experience, guarantees business success.

2) What do I get for my money?

To put it simply, you get the right to market our business and educational material. These have been developed through years of research and refinement. By becoming our partner, you will have access to our marketing system and know-how, as well as to the online school administration programme, training, continual support and every other aspect of our business.

3) Do I need to be an educator to own and operate an Axon centre?

No, you don’t. Most of our licensees have backgrounds in business, sales, marketing, economics and management, or in education.

4) Can existing centres convert to Axon?

Of course! If you are already in the same business and would like to convert to the Axon system, we have a special programme for you. As an Axon licensee, you will gain increased credibility in the marketplace, not only with individual customers, but also with major corporations and financial institutions. Furthermore, as the market changes through competition and new technologies, you can be sure that you will be part of the team leading the way.

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